Monday, June 17, 2013

What to do after High School?: Teach Yourself

I went back and forth with the title of this entry. I was torn between Learn and Independent Study. Well neither one of them won, but I think this title incorporates both of them very nicely. Throughout this "What to do after High School?" series, I aim share with all soon to be grads of both high school and college that you have many options to choose from. Sometimes you may want to take the road less traveled but you don't know where to start. Moving on to the topic of today: Teaching Yourself! Did you have a favorite subject in school? Did you love going to a specific class everyday? Is there a subject that you wanted to explore more, but couldn't in school? Have you always found a specific topic or subject interesting? Well now is your time to learn all about it. You graduated. You may or may not go to college. You probably work or have your own business. Now you can learn everything you have ever wanted to know about whatever subject or topic you like. Write yourself lesson plans. Personalize your learning experience however you like. Go to your local library, bookstore, even thrift store and find books on the subject matter that you are studying. Teach yourself, teach yourself everything about said subject that you want to know. Let's say you've been interested in gardening, but you always had to sit in a classroom to actually learn about gardening. Now you can go to the library, bookstore, outside and learn all about plants, flowers, soil, etc. If this was a topic I was into, I would go to the gardening section of Lowe's or Walmart and even a flower shop to not only admire but to take notes. I would spend lots of time in nature. There are plenty of books on whatever topic that gets your blood pumping on the internet, so the internet is always an option for learning. My point is: never stop learning and learn about what you love. You could use your knowledge to advance in your chosen career. Don't forget your writing utensils and notepads or just use electronic note taking. 
Thursday, May 23, 2013

What to do after High School?: Service

Have you ever wanted to just pack up your valuables and travel to a foreign place? Can't wait to get out of your parents home? Always been interested in something bigger than yourself? Love meeting new people? Tired of reading about a specific culture in a book or watching snippets on tv? Have you always wanted to work closely with the community?

I know those are a lot of questions, but I hope you at least answered just one with a YES!  Most people want to travel, either for leisure or service. I'm going to talk about service today though.

Most people aren't aware of this option because it really isn't advertised as much. Either doing service in your country or in another continent, it's a awarding experience. I recently graduated from college, April 27, 2013, and I had some aversions to get right back in school because of my curious mind that lead me to believe that getting a Master's is not for me for money and time reasons at this current moment. I also always had this tingle in my gut to get out and explore, go on an adventure, experience life on my own terms. I applied to City Year, a school-based volunteer program where young adults between the ages of 17-24 help public schools in any way they can in specific areas across the United States and two international location. I honestly forgot how I came across it, I think it was through the AmeriCorp website. I think I was looking for a purposeful alternative that would allow me to live in a different scene, meet new people, and motivate and assist people to achieve their highest potential no matter what obstacles they are faced with. There are other reasons but those I listed are the most important ones to me. After two interviews that I was freaking out about, I'm now waiting until May 30th or a little after for them to decide if they will offer me the position in the organization and location I chose. I'm excited, nervous, and anxious. While waiting, I'm enjoying my summer. I'm not going to apply for any job until after I hear from them because I don't want to send any confusing messages to the universe that I'm not serious about wanting this opportunity in my life. I do have a plan to look for jobs afterwards but not before.

I think that participating in a service-based program like City Year, Teach America, Peace Corps, Ameri Corps, etc. can be rewarding because not only can you be able to be independent in all meanings of the word, you also can make new friends (maybe even lifelong friends), engage in national and community service, travel, gain real-world experience that can help you in what ever job or career you choose. Look into this if you are interested, have questions, got excited reading this but don't think you will have support, or just ready to get out there. Nothing is impossible, anything is possible.

No one really enjoys just lazing around doing nothing. It may feel good at times, but if it's all the time, boredom seeps in. I believe everyone wants to do something and plus our bodies were made to move.

Check this link out for a list of volunteer/service programs:

Check out City Year:

Check out AmeriCorps:
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What to do after High School: Reintroduction to series

I started this series back in 2011! Didn't really keep up with it because I was too busy living my post-high school grad life. I wanted to and still want to continue with this blog and this series because I think it's important for current high schoolers and recent high schools grads to know that they have more than one option for their future. I was so excited to start this project that I jumped head in first without a proper introduction. So I'm reintroducing this in a proper way.

I'd say the number one thing to do after high school is to continue your education. There are a million roads to take, but all of them should and unmistakably involves education. Whether sitting in a classroom, emailing a professor on an online course, reading in the public library about a subject that intrigues you, or traveling to another country volunteering for a cause... all of these include education. Education can be in the traditional sense or it can be non-traditional. Stay tuned for more posts in this series. 
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What to do after High School?: Trade School

What's a trade school? It's a school that teaches people a trade, skill,  that is needed to perform a job/career. Trade schools are also called vocational or technical schools. I would say that if you really have passion in something like massage or doing hair or something else that you have a strong passion for, you should really look into attending a trade school. I personally didn't go, but I know people who have gone to fashion design school, cosmetology school, and massage therapy school and they got hands on training for the job that they wanted to get into. They learned valuable skills that helped them hone in on their craft and also learn about the business and legal aspects of their chosen professions.

Even if you don't believe you have a passion, going to a trade school to get skills and training in a field that is always in demand is a good idea. I think it's a good idea especially if you don't want to go to a 4-year college. For example: we live in the technology era; phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, tablets, tvs, and this list goes on will continuously need repair or the latest technology for optimal performance. Getting into a trade school program that focuses on hands on learning and skill development would guarantee you a job.

If you are afraid of what your friends tell you about college loans and drama or maybe you aren't interested in the college thing and are tired of working at Publix or Wendy's then maybe you should consider going to a trade school. 
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to survive high school... & college

I came across this video that I thought could help a lot of people entering high school and also college. She touches on a lot of key points that I have always tried to live by while I was in high school. 
Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to do after High School?: College

Senior year is such an exciting time for students. You guys "rule" the school and get most of the attention from underclassmen, faulty and staff, and parents. The most asked question you are probably tired of hearing is: What are you going to do after you graduate? If you've decided to go to college the most asked question I bet you are tired of answering is: What school are going to? Hopefully you already know this answer because you have been looking at schools that interest you in your junior year and maybe in your sophomore year. If you haven't found a school that interest you then I have a few tips to help you make sure you pick a few schools that you will be able to blossom at.

1. Pay attention to the colleges/ universities that visit your high school

- It won't hurt to go up to the representatives and ask some questions and get a few brochures. The main point of them being at your high school is to see you, tell you about their school, and to answer your questions. In addition to this, going to college fairs are a good way to decide on a school for you!

2. Get involved! Check out the student organizations.

- For me this is a very important thing. A school wouldn't the school that it is if it weren't for the students and the organizations they create. Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging and that can be achieved through student organizations. What ever school you are looking into should have plenty of options for you to choose from. Most colleges/universities have religious, social, cultural, departmental, special interest, political, student governance  and service organizations that you can choose from. If they don't have a student organization that you are interested in, I'm sure you can create a new organization! I think this tip is the most important because you are the student of the university and you will only begin to enjoy your university and everything it has to offer if you get involved. There's nothing wrong with just going straight to class and back to your dorm/apartment but I believe you will get more out of college if you put yourself out there.

3. Housing

- Where am I going to sleep? Check out the housing, on and off campus. For the first year, I know most schools require students to live on campus for the experience I assume. I've been living on campus for 3 going on 4 years. I feel a little left behind because most of my friends and associates already have apartments but I have to do what I have to do for myself. Tuition as well as campus housing prices are rising but a place to live while at school is important. Most upperclassmen say that off-campus is cheaper. I would have to agree for the comparison that I did but like I stated earlier, you have to do what you have to do for yourself.

4. $$$$

- There are millions of scholarships out there for students to get money for college. Scholarships for ethnicities, personal interest such as science, scholarships where you can make a video or create something for the prize money. is a good website to start looking. There are also students loans and grants. Of course, loan meaning pay back but it can be paid in due time. If you can get scholarships, I highly recommend that so you won't be stressed about the loans.

5. Check it out

-Schedule a visit! You can always visit the school's website at your convenience but taking a real tour of the school helps out a lot. Make sure you ask your tour guide plenty of questions! Don't leave without all of your questions answered.

Good Luck!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Respect yourself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Think about it

What are the differences between you and these women? Take a second to think about the differences you all have while I continue. The most obvious difference you have with the Kardashian sisters, Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, Lucy Liu, and Rachel McAdams is that they are all famous, hair color, hairstyle, age, ethnicity, eye color may or may not be the same as yours but you get my point. Other than the differences I pointed out and other physical appearances that are different you and these famous women have a good bit in common. You and these famous women are both females, like to look decent, stylish, and presentable, every month you go through a little pain, and most importantly you all are beautiful. That's the main point of this post, you are beautiful! Of course when you see these women on TV and on billboards and you admire them and look up to them as role models and you may even want to be like, look, and live just like them. Of course it's only natural and it's not wrong to like Beyonce's hair or to want Rachel McAdams outfit but be true to yourself. You are beautiful inside out.

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