Sunday, April 24, 2011

What to do after High School?: College

Senior year is such an exciting time for students. You guys "rule" the school and get most of the attention from underclassmen, faulty and staff, and parents. The most asked question you are probably tired of hearing is: What are you going to do after you graduate? If you've decided to go to college the most asked question I bet you are tired of answering is: What school are going to? Hopefully you already know this answer because you have been looking at schools that interest you in your junior year and maybe in your sophomore year. If you haven't found a school that interest you then I have a few tips to help you make sure you pick a few schools that you will be able to blossom at.

1. Pay attention to the colleges/ universities that visit your high school

- It won't hurt to go up to the representatives and ask some questions and get a few brochures. The main point of them being at your high school is to see you, tell you about their school, and to answer your questions. In addition to this, going to college fairs are a good way to decide on a school for you!

2. Get involved! Check out the student organizations.

- For me this is a very important thing. A school wouldn't the school that it is if it weren't for the students and the organizations they create. Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging and that can be achieved through student organizations. What ever school you are looking into should have plenty of options for you to choose from. Most colleges/universities have religious, social, cultural, departmental, special interest, political, student governance  and service organizations that you can choose from. If they don't have a student organization that you are interested in, I'm sure you can create a new organization! I think this tip is the most important because you are the student of the university and you will only begin to enjoy your university and everything it has to offer if you get involved. There's nothing wrong with just going straight to class and back to your dorm/apartment but I believe you will get more out of college if you put yourself out there.

3. Housing

- Where am I going to sleep? Check out the housing, on and off campus. For the first year, I know most schools require students to live on campus for the experience I assume. I've been living on campus for 3 going on 4 years. I feel a little left behind because most of my friends and associates already have apartments but I have to do what I have to do for myself. Tuition as well as campus housing prices are rising but a place to live while at school is important. Most upperclassmen say that off-campus is cheaper. I would have to agree for the comparison that I did but like I stated earlier, you have to do what you have to do for yourself.

4. $$$$

- There are millions of scholarships out there for students to get money for college. Scholarships for ethnicities, personal interest such as science, scholarships where you can make a video or create something for the prize money. is a good website to start looking. There are also students loans and grants. Of course, loan meaning pay back but it can be paid in due time. If you can get scholarships, I highly recommend that so you won't be stressed about the loans.

5. Check it out

-Schedule a visit! You can always visit the school's website at your convenience but taking a real tour of the school helps out a lot. Make sure you ask your tour guide plenty of questions! Don't leave without all of your questions answered.

Good Luck!!


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