Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do your clothes say about you?

Hey, today's topic is clothing and everything related.

First, I want to mention that it is okay to show you're personality in your clothing. It's better to be yourself than to be uncomfortable being someone else.

Second, I want to mention that what you wear to school, mall, church, anywhere public is very important because people out there first judge you by the clothes you wear before you open up your mouth to speak to them.

Third, I want to mention that just because you can't afford the big name labels doesn't mean you can't dress cute and it be affordable for you (and your parents) wallets and purses.

Fourth, I want to just suggest some possible outfit choices for different occassions and public places (pictures provided).

 I assume who ever is reading this is between the ages of at least 11 - 18 and everyone has their own personal style. For example, me, my style isn't in any specific column like bohemian or punk rock, my style changes everyday with my mood. I wear what I like to wear, whether it matches or not, it's my personality and clothes are one of the ways that I showcase my personality. There are a lot of trendy clothing stores in the malls these days that just make you want to imitate what you see on the mannequins. Honestly, there is really nothing wrong with getting inspired by a mannequins outfit or even copying what the mannequin has on. I knew a lot of girls in middle school actually who would wear certain things like high heels just because their group of friends were wearing them and in order to fit in, they wore them too, as uncomfortable as they were. During these ages, I have noticed a lot of teenagers that try to dress "sexy". Why do you need to be sexy at 14 years old? "Sexy" means to have sex appeal. Again I ask what is the point in being "sexy" when you are going to middle school or high school to get your education. I know at this ages some of you ( or you friends) start liking boys, begin to flirt, begin to point out who is cute or not but you can dress cute and still look appropriate.

Sorry, unfortunately I have not finished this up, but I will be back, I promise to finish... hopefully by the end of this week. I am super duper busy this week but I really want to finish this up. 

Until then, talk to you later. Have a good Monday!
Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Busy But...

I will be posting something very soon!!! Stay tuned. If you're reading this leave a comment about something female related you would like to see on here. :)

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